Inpharmatics transforms data into value to optimize workflows and improve outcomes.


Aggregate data from across pharmacy systems.


Analyze and visualize internal and external data comparisons.


Review and react to real-time operational monitors and alerts.


Collects and analyzes unstructured data from a variety of sources to ultimately quantify the impact of known pharmacy factors that provide the biggest opportunity for improvement.

De-siloing information with an emphasis on quality of care

PlusDelta combines its years of experience within pharmacy operations and its robust data collection and analysis techniques to provide quality evidence-based recommendations and actions for your organization. In doing so, we aggregate and analyze multiple databases and information sources:

  • 1) ADT Data
  • 2) Pharmacy Order Data
  • 3) Charge Master Data
  • 4) Outcome Data
  • 5) Operational Data

Providing critical insight through multi-factor analysis

Once the data is collected, a thorough analysis is presented via user-friendly dashboards, reports and online tools. This process allows us to instantly provide:

Critical information collection

from internal and external sources

Data standardization & normalization

that enables apples-to-apples comparisons and benchmarks among hospitals

Analysis & insight

using our models maps issues to outcomes to uncover answers questions

Best practices & recommendations

can be created easily once armed with an understanding of “why” something happens within your organization

World-class tools

are created constantly to enable scalable implementation of best practices and recommendations

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Real-time, evidence-based data collection and analysis

And on-demand tools for getting the information you need now.

We provide healthcare executives with evidence-based recommendations and decision support, while providing pharmacists, nurses and technicians with real-time, situational awareness tools to maximize productivity, reduce errors and improve patient outcomes.